Prolonged teleworking and unexpected consequences

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Cambio, Teletrabajo, Teleworking | 0 comments

We start to discover the differences between occasional teleworking and prolonged one.

A less known issue in the expansion of teleworking is security, IT of course, but not only. Business computer networks are not designed for home use only: certain system updates can be particularly slow or not be carried out after a certain time without connecting to the main network. Difficulties of remote connections due to the high number of simultaneous attempts or to failures of the home wi-fi can also occur.

The security conditions to avoid “hacks” are designed remotely by the IT service, but attacks may slow down the system, make connections difficult or cause misunderstandings and tension among users. A good internal communication system is necessary in these cases, to avoid saturating the assistance hot lines.

But the risks linked to the networks are not the only ones: at home, the worker in a prolonged teleworking regime can lose sight of the confidentiality of certain information present in their messages or in some of their documents. For instance, teachers have teleworked during the lockdown, but have they received security instructions to prevent teenagers from seeing their emails with comments about their students’ problems or their documents with their last exam grades? The situation may seem bland, but this breach of confidentiality may have serious consequences.

Are your employees alerted to the security problems and lack of confidentiality that prolonged teleworking can generate when it must be compatible with domestic or family life?

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