LEV graphology

What are our characteristics? What are our skills, talents, motivations? How do I identify the right candidate for a position?

Graphology offers many answers for individuals as well as HR and re-believers. Combined with other techniques, it facilitates the selection of candidates.

Graphology contributes to the selection and recruitment processes with efficiency, and can also be used for the development of a career path or the development of new skills.  Perfectly compatible or complementary with other methods, it is accessible and very agile.

In LEV graphology we are court experts to carry out forensic reports, which underlines the rigour and thoroughness of the analyses.

LaEscribaníadelCambio_icono_LEV   LEV change

Change is a natural part of our lives. Through change, we evolve and discover ourselves able to explore new territories.

LEV accompanies you in the research, pedagogy and communication of the meaning of your change in order to federate your employees and engage them with the new project. Change thus not only becomes conducive to the commercial or financial development of the company, but also opens doors to the professional or personal development of employees.

LEV offers team coaching tailored to your needs, improving collective work and interpersonal relationships, and encouraging agile and modern ways of working.

For your stimulating and different seminars, training or workdays, LEV change offers you the use of creative facilitation.

LaEscrubaníaProfesional_icono_LEV   LEV text craft

LEV text craft deals with spelling and refining written texts, mainly in French and Spanish.

For English, LEV offers you translation of texts from English or French, and subtitling. The richness of plurality and diversity begins with a presence, nothing more.