About the nature of change

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Cambio, Change | 0 comments

Chosen, imposed, negotiated, continuous, local, international, digital, spatial, seasonal, round trip, non-return, reversing and turning back, personal, professional, family, city, neighbourhood, sidewalk, of look, fluffy …

Change is an inherent element of our lives, although indomitable and quite stubborn. A simple push can start it, but it is energivorous: it needs a significant amount of energy to reach a successful conclusion.

Our natural inertia, the importance of daily habit, a feeling of scepticism or the absence of urgency, are resistances whose accumulation increases energy needs exponentially. In systems already demanded by significant workloads, mistrust, stress, destabilised by fierce competition, new regulations or innovations, the failure of change may have dire consequences both individually and collectively.

That all that is a bit exaggerated and there is no need to go so far? Changes imposed by this new normal do not work without accompaniment, pedagogy and understanding of the change of direction imposed by the change. Fines and penalties don’t work.Even in danger of death.


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